Open Octave Studio - Open Source DAW solution

Open Octave Studio is a fully functional Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) solution.

Open Octave Studio is aiming for the stars with their vision on Open Source Audio productions (Editing / Mixing / FX / inputting / … and other).
With the already fully featured DAW solution in place, the further developments plans and very active development do result in a very promising and bright future for Open Source audio projects.

It doesn’t have the clunky interface several other Open Source audio software expects you to work with. It all is appearing just as slick as our beloved Blender’s interface.

It already can sync with the Blender timeline (via Jack). For the Blender users it gets even more interesting seen the development of amongst others, support for:

  • Video Tracks
  • Surround Sound Mixing

So this is worth your time checking it out, if you are interested or engaged in audio for Blender / Animation projects :wink:

But first the next step for Open Octave is to become a multi platform DAW:

  • Windows and Mac Support

So in time Open Octave Studio will become just as portable as Blender already is.
Seems like a perfect fit for Audio to complement your already awesome 3D pipeline.

Interested? Read on! :slight_smile:

Quote from the developers’ website:

We’re bringing together a collection of applications, and developing our own, to provide a professional working environment that does the following:

  • Enables users to work within a dedicated audio/midi projectbase, primarily for orchestral and film score use.
  • Monitors closely developments within our applications of choice, and provide feedback to proactive developers, in a positive and constructive manner.
  • Develop further, or build from scratch, applications with added or modified tools, with the intent of creating a continuous, efficient, and powerful workflow, from “A to B”, removing as many obstacles or workarounds as possible.

We are focused on orchestral and film writing and recording, as a daily professional working environment, and are examining in fine detail the process of inputting, editing, and recording, to give a user the best possible opportunity for a smooth, unhindered, and efficient experience, maximising their productive time, and minimising where possible any non productive time, in a real use case scenario. We don’t like workarounds anymore than anyone else, so we’re keen to avoid or remove them, where we can.
Some interesting eye candy to give a peek of what you may expect of Open Octave Studio:

The conductor

More eye candy below.

More info:
Open Octave Project
Open Octave Studio - Eyecandy
Open Octave Studio - 2012 Roadmap
Open Octave Studio - 2012 Fundraiser

The developers can use your help (feedback / testing / and donations),
which will help this already very complete project to become even greater. :smiley:

Track headers:
Fade in / fade out / cross fade:

Main mixer:

WOO! This is what open source needs!

Will it be supported on linux?

EDIT: just seen! :confused:

This is very exciting, what great looking tools.

In the future I can see running an extra app may tax resources for playback. I wonder if Blender is smart enough to drop frames in AV sync mode for everything to stay locked up?

Its linux already, the intention is to further develop it for windows and mac as well.

Already played around with it. It does indeed seem powerful and stable. Plus, the interface is a breath of fresh air compared to other FOSS audio packages.

I hope we get to see some more new developments over the next couple of months, this is a very promising project which deserves our attention in my opinion. :yes: :RocknRoll:

I fail to see what this provides that packages like Ardour and Rosegarden don’t. IIRC it is mostly just a fork of MusE with a pretty UI slapped on. Also, the last code commit was in April (before that it was pretty rapid, and then it just stopped.) I’m not holding my breath for this one.

This looks amazing. Up to this point, I had been doing all of my music creation in Psycle, which is a good program, but it is still very early in the development process. This looks like it will be much more useful.

I wouldn’t say that psycle is in early dev, it has been around for years. The problem with psycle is just that the tracker community is tiny and dominated by Renoise, so there is little intrest. Anyway, Open Octave and Psycle have wildly different design goals.

P.S. I use psycle and am currently working on the cross-platform port, it is always good to see someone who it is useful to.