Open OS browser from Blender browser context menu

I added an entry to any browser context menu to open the selected directory in your OS browser, so you can easily reorganize your files and folders (cut paste copy…)
and I added a shortcut Ctrl+O
and now shift ctrl O to open selected file in OS default app


I added a shortcut Ctrl O

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very nice ! the shortcut works but i cant see the menu anywhere (2.93)

yourr giyhub is very cool, the animation step addon , i was serching for something like that ! also as a code base for something else i wanna write. thanx a lot

you can right click when in a browser > open OS browser

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amazing dude ! the best … i know people want to keep their addons to themselfs , its basically a really good self-marketing for getting hired. but if something is as obvious and usefull as this, it would be nice if it just gets integrated into blender , either as a bundled addon or directly with a patch. you could still keep it in your github and link to the blender repo and explaining it was integrated already.

Edit: did you delete your github now ?

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No I changed the version and the link was not the main one. I change this. thks for your report
so now you have Shift ctrl O too to open selected file in OS default app

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