Open short a “Tiered Tale” (script pole)

This thread has been set up so that we can vote on which script will be used to create an “open source based short” you can view the project here

Here are the two different scripts for a “tired tale”
The first is a full version which contains the full story and speech bubbles used to convey dialog,
The second is just the part where all the dialog takes place and uses speech to convey dialog ; apart from the speech the rest of the story is the same as the 1st one.

Please read both before making a decision.

First script with speech bubbles used

Second script with speech used

lol good I like the second one too

Looks like this is pretty much decided already.

I prefer the one with no speech as more opportunity for slap stick animation which is what this script reminds me of, though minus the thought bubbles, far too over used.

On a positive this script reminds me of a Tex Avery cartoon, looks wicked if you need any help on the character design or story boarding let me know.

well looks like well be having speech