Open Source Package

So, I’ve been using Blender for awhile now, and it has really got me on the Open Source Bent (mainly due to money but also because they do work)
So my question is, what other softwares do you use with Blender?
So far I’ve used:
Gimp, Inkscape, Audacity, and lately BirdFont.
so what other programs, preferably free and open source, do you suggest?
looking for a Video Editor and maybe something like AE, even though i know that you can use Blender as both of these.

You’ll have a lot more choice on Linux, I used Kdenlive as a video editor for my final project andthe great thing for me was the AVCHD integration since my camcorder outputs in that format. I heard Cinelerra was good but I haven’t tried it yet, it has a compositor so might potentially be an open source alternative for AE but as I said I haven’t tried it. Jahshaka is often listed on sites like osalt as the alternative to AE but it doesn’t seem to have much community support and no recent updates AFAIK. I got decent support on the ubuntu forums and kdenlive forums for kdenlive.

There’s a linux distro called AV linux that comes packaged with most of the popular OS AV programs based on debian I believe.

You can try some of the stuff on this list - not everything on it is cross-platform though so you sometimes have to dig a little.