Open source render farm, plow update.

Hey, I posted here a while back about my render farm software plow. We just finished scale tests with 12,000 running processes!


Just starting to do documentation now.

Some new features:

  • Pipelining dispatcher handles dishing out hundreds of tasks per second.
  • Create post jobs that run after a job finishes, even if its killed by artist.
  • Maintains long term history and statistics on all jobs.
  • Started work on command line tools.
  • Lots of GUI enhancements and additions, like customizable layouts.
  • High performance client library using c-python bindings on top of thrift c++ library.


looks cool!

Please keep us updated as it develops, looks really interesting.

best of luck!

can it tell the computers to use gpu?

Looks awesome! Do you have any Mac builds we could try out?


Did you move the code repository somewhere else ? It is not available on Github anymore.