Open source render farm.

Hey everyone. A couple friends and I are writing an open source render farm called Plow. Screenshot.

We have some Blender jobs running but we really want awesome Blender support. If anyone is interested in helping out please contact me via priviate message. We’re mainly looking for a UI for launching jobs from Blender and possibly a custom File Out node that versions outputs using Plow.

Fixed screenshot.

good luck! I hope you keep us updated. I’d love to try it out someday:)

Awesome job, could you possibly join forces with these guys ?

This is awesome!

Quote from their Homepage:
“… The application is under heavy development and refactoring at the moment, so beware: things are not clear and might not work correctly!

LOL, why should I use something that has to be reliable and fast if it’s not working correctly ?

I prefer, it costs a bit, but it’s fast an very reliable !

You better collect your knowledge with and develope something usable, reliable and fast insteat of creating something new that probably will be always half finished, unreliable.
Nobody will use it for serious business if it’s not reliable.

Kind regards

I’m not really a web guy (brender is PHP, do not want!!!) I’ve worked in feature film for 10 years, as most of the people working on plow have. We don’t even know what a render farm with less than 20k cores looks like. I think that will be the hardest part actually, writing a scheduler that can’t rely on 15 cores freeing up every second.

Sounds cool! Will you run it as a community based service? I look for something (not for business yet) after I no longer see a progress with RenderWeb.
Good luck and cheers!
P.S. Please, update news here if something positive will happen.