Open source wiki tool for stylizing 3D ... request for help in evaluation

Hi there!


  • working on bachelor thesis about a tool helping in making 3D look like 2D
  • need artists for evaluating it
  • the task: create a water color/vector style flower artwork and tell me, if my tool helped you in doing so
  • artwork will be included in my thesis
  • both thesis and tool will be open source and available for everyone and any puropse

Do you want to learn new ways to stilize your 3D art while helping open Source development?
Well I am currently working on a bachelors thesis regarding a interactive workflow wiki, that might help in immitating digital and traditional 2D styles using 3D software.

And because it’s scientific, I somehow have to find a way to determine, whether my findings are actually useful or flawed. Because of this it’d be of much help, if somone wanted to do a piece of 3D-art while being assisted by my tool.

If you were interested in creating a small artwork while helping me in evaluating my tool, i’d be really thankful. In order for me to be able to use your contribution, I’d be asking you to …

  • take a look at my tool and consult it while creating your artwork
  • make a flower artwork immitating a 2D-art reference provided by me (choose between vector style or water color style)
  • allow me to include your artwork in my thesis
  • provide a bit of feedback afterwards. (it’s most likely going to be a ~5 min survey or interview)

Of cource I’m going to give you credit for your artwork in my thesis if you want to. But you can also stay anonymus, if you prefer to.

The developed tool will be enlarged to support much bigger variety of styles after I finished my thesis and both the paper as well as this tool will be contributed to the open source community.

I’m incredibly sorry, but I probably won’t be able to pay you for helping me in this thesis. But I’m also not getting paid for any of it and I’m working hard on “repaying” you in developing this open source tool, that will hopefully help a lot of people in fulfilling their artistic visions using 3D-software. (preferably blender of cource :grin:)

A huge thank you in advance, your help is greatly appreciated. Feel free to send me a PM here or a mail to contact at*

Happy blending! Bye :3

*I hope this might help in confusing at least some e-Mail seeking webcrawlers

So is there anywhere one can take a look at the tool :thinking:

My thesis is done, but I had a critical error in my concept. I’m working on bringing that tool to life, but I also kind of need to earn a living currently so I can’t focus on it too much unfortunately.