Open Universe Project

I just made a wiki on wikia novelas, called Forsaken Earth. This project is about open universe project, which you can contribute, develop, use in any way you like, aimed for the story frame for games, short movies or whatever you want.

This one have been in my head for some years, then I found wiki, so I decided to post it on wiki thought might be useful for the community.

The universe itself is all about combination of mythical creatures combined with future, in a very dark theme.

If you’re interested, go and check it out at :

Strangely, I had a similar idea in my head for some time.
Create and develop a world with visual aid from Blender free for all to use complete with all a world needs… But I abandoned it because it’s too time intense.
It seems interesting :slight_smile:
If you want to, I have some resources which may aid you.
An article detailing how to create a language on your own. A true language with grammar, syntax and everything. Of your own.
A free excerpt from Holly Lisle’s “Create A Language Clinic”. Quite interesting.
An article by Holly Lisle, explaining how to create ecosystems true to how they would develop.
Another Lisle article on World Building.
A map workshop from Lisle.

The rest of her articles can be found at Notice the index to the right, with all the other articles on writing.

Good luck with your project! May yee be more successful than I was :stuck_out_tongue:

woah man! those are awesome. “rules of ecosystem” :D. I havent thought that far, or even creating a whole new language.

Those are really great resources indeed… thanks :wink: