OpenEXR Multilayer Rendered vs Imported Differences

I want to save my renders as OpenEXR MultiLayers but for some reason the rendered result is different from the file saved to disk. Here are some example images to show what I mean.

The first image shows the render result for PNG, while the second shows the result for the OpenEXR MultiLayer. They appear to be the same when viewing the render result.
The third image shows what it looks like when I drag the saved PNG/OpenEXR back into blender, with the OpenEXR looking a bit off. Not sure what the technical term is, but it’s as if the colors are more saturated somehow.

Has anyone ran into this problem before?
I’ve tried using different color depths and codecs, but I still get the same issue.
Also sorry if this is in the wrong category, wasn’t sure if compositing/post-processing was more appropriate.

Edit: looks like I was missing a step, needed to render the exr using the compositor and now it looks correct