OpenGL Render in OSX 10.6 version of 2.55beta broken

Is it just me or are the OpenGL renders in 2.55beta broken on OSX 10.6 machines? Works just fine on my Windows 7 system. The renders are severely vertically stretched/distorted.



PS Can anyone get SintelSimple to render other than in OpenGL render?

well I only use windows so I can’t really help but if you really need 2.55 on your mac im sure you can get a newer build from GraphicAll

I have 2.55beta on my Mac?!? What should I have if not the latest beta? Is there a ‘release’ version of 2.5 I missed? (Does any of the Sintel stuff work in any version of 2.49?)

With the most recent build I get distorted OpenGL renders

oh is that bug back.