Opening a game level from a different directory?

Hey there.
So while finishing the alpha of my game and testing the standalone version, i encountered that when i select a map from the Map selection Screen, and click play, the game crashes (No error message or something).

My system is pretty simple, and while inside blender it works without problem.
I’m using the “Game” Actuator, set to Start the game from a file. The level path is “//vortex_main.blend”.
The problem is, that the standalone is running on a different folder (Main game folder), and the level is located on a folder called “Levels” on the Main folder.

So how can i load the level from the Levels folder if my game is running on another folder?
Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Change the level path!
It is best if the levels folder is relative to the main game, as then you can move them together, but you could have the level directory an absolute path.

Or you could use some python so you can pick a levels directory.

You should be able to chose a directory/blend using the file-browser on the logic brick.

Maybe some python will help.