Opening the Dark Portal

Cheers guys!

so i’m back with something new!
I was really interested in take a full scene start to finish lately, so when i saw the last CGSociety Hardcore Modelling challenge i couldnt be out, such inspiring theme!

I’m really tired since i’m awake until now tweaking some photoshop layers and doing weird stuff on blender, so i’ll be short and to the point, here’s the renders:

Managing the viewport is like playing Crysis on a smartphone, so yea, very funny

I usually do a breakdown of my renders, this time as i’m reeaally tired of being awake for now, i will put a link to my W.I.P Thread on CGSociety, there you can see a detailed making of, hope you like!

HCR MINI-Challenge #43: Magic Door - The Black Portal - World of Warcraft

Anything, just ask and i’ll do my best to answer, cheer for me in the competition! lets throw blender in CGSociety! :wink:


Aw, why not:

some other stuff, just for fun:

a pseudo wireframe/AO from the final scene, this stuff is divided up in 7 layers, maybe seems a bit overkill, but, 90% is pure instanced geometry, and for the render, cycles is using around 1gb for everything

don’t know why i’m showing this but, yea, here is:

we never know when someone will want to see your orthographic ambient occlusion renders

So, it’s it for now, don’t forget to take a look at the w.i.p thread for more info!

Cheers! :wink:

Amazing work mate, love the goth style in all yout renders. They may be a bit dark (pun intended), but that just makes them look more appealing.

This is just amazing, very nice scene and composition.

“All right, all right! That’s it! I’m not takin’ any more of this! Go straight to The Gallery, without any supper!”


Absolutely excellent!!! That is what I like to see! Keep up the great work!

It looks like it would belong in Middle Earth (during a time frame well before the events of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings during the first war against Sauron, even though the link specifically mentions Warcraft).

I concur that you have perhaps put a ton of work into this, how long did this take exactly?

Wow! Love everything, from storytelling to render; the level of detail is amazing!
Great job!

and hell yea you have my vote for best of the month ,its too epic not to win

Wow amazing work! :smiley:

Pretty insane stuff! The energy in the portal could be more fancy, but the 3D stuff is just *****!!!

It’s breathtaking man ! Amazing amount of work and quality .

Uff¡¡ how long it took you to finish something so big?

Mind = blown. Amazing and so inspiring!

Amazing work! I love every pixel, you really nailed it! This could be the frame of any hollywood fantasy blockbuster! Congratulations!

The second render is my favorite.
Always wanted to do a sculpting + rocks etc etc scene.
Amazing. Congratulations.

WOW! This is freaking amazing. I like the style of your render as well as the fact, that the portal is built up though it is built aswell

@Blenderwelder, @rattle-snake, @cgstrive, @Bernardo, @Schwalberich:

Whoa, thanks very much, guys!
Such a amazing feel when you see that all the work you put into something worth it!

Took between 7 to 10 days, in my spare time;
Rendering took around 30 hours, 4k @1024 samples in my junky workstation
Actually almost the whole scene is being lit by indirect lighting, so yea D:

Just wanted to see if i could burn my current pc to have a reasonable internal excuse for buying a new one

Aw man, doing large scale landscapes is amazing, sculpting rocks, stacking meshs together to get a “organic feel”, just lovely stuff to do, my only bottleneck was my PC, a poor core 2 duo with a old quadro with 256mb, in a good workstation i think you just should be crazy doing hi res meshes with less brutal normal map, scattering trees, grass and who knows some volumetric rendering as well! i strongly recommend to do this, can give you some nice moments with blender!

Glad you liked, Cheers!

Holy shit ! It looks like a shoot from blizzard cinematic. Well done dude !
btw. Do you work in any game industry or just as a freelancer ?

Thanks mate! Apreciated it! :wink:
And well, actually working in the industry with blender still kinda hard for now, so i mainly work as a freelance, but i have a small game studio with some old friends from my past work ( - do not even bother going into it, we are still coding it hahah), and we actually are making a rts/rpg, so maybe in 2018 you’ll see something about it! hahahah