Opensource Dubbing/ADR (basic) software?

Does anyone know if there’s any open source dubbing software out there? Basically what I’d like is to be able to do voice-overs and stuff, but all in one program - I know I could just play the video in VLC or something and then start up Audacity to record, but then I’d have to synch the sound and that might be hard!

I’ve searched for quite a bit and haven’t found any open source stuff yet.

From what I’ve read ardour should be able to do that, but it’s linux and os x only so far.

Maybe virtual dj?:confused::rolleyes:

Yes, I’ve done soundtrack work in Ardour. Ardour doesn’t support syncronized video just yet (the feature is planned, though) so I used XJadeo to get video to syncronize with Ardour’s timeline.

No-one knows of any tools for windows then?

Hi there
There is a little program called DubIt (you’ll have to google it to find it) which is free and allows you to record suond over video, but not mix it.

There is also a video playing VST plugin (google “movie plugin VST”) which I use with a demo of Reaper to mix for video. Far from Ideal, but it’ll have to do for now.


ALso, there was a Google SoC project to port Ardour to Win32, anyone know how this turned out?

Hi Again,
None of the software I mentioned is free as in speech, only as in beer (ie not opensource).


Thanks for all the info. DubIt is pretty good, but Reaper is much better. The new version of Reaper (not free) has the Video plugin built in. I checked out about a windows port of Ardour, and it seems that they’re in the process of putting the win32 stuff into CVS or something:

We are in progress toward merging all/most of the changes from the win32 branch into the trunk.
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