opensource programs that can desgin python scripts gui ??

i need a program that i can design python scripts with, , the source python or c++, so i can use it on linux?

any ideas


a gui designer for python scripts that can be used for standalone applications?

well, you’d probably need a TK designer [or you could require the user instal wxwindows], but it wouldn’t work right with blender because the script would have to exit before blender could respond to any events [so, you couldn’t have your window from blender and mess with a 3d view simultaneously]

I think it’s still experimental:

What has to run on Linux? The program, or the script?

sorry, i was not very clear,
i wanted a program (that will work on linux) with that i could design python scripts with, so i can design how the scrit looks, ,
>>btk gui, << i am looking at this at the moment, thanks

and are there any more??


Boa Constructor is by far one of the most advanced Python development tools and it is cross-platform.

You can get it here:

this may be a stupid question
can you make python scripts with it to work with blender??
sorry if it really is stupid, but i need to know

any python can work in blender, and any python editor can edit python for blender.