OpenSubdiv cannot be applied


I use blender 2.78a and when I try to apply a subsurf div that has OpenSubdiv enabled, it removes the modifier, leaving the original flat mesh

is tehre something I am missing ?

let me know if you need more info


anyone ? ???

Too little info, please post a sample .blend file.

Yes, don’t apply the modifier. Applying the modifier is altering the base mesh permanently, while removing the modifier from the stack, since it is no longer needed after application. To use subdiv and open subdiv, the modifier must remain in place, otherwise you are telling Blender to basically add the subdivision to the base mesh, and you will just end up with a dense mesh instead.

This goes for all modifiers in which you hit the apply button. The modifier is removed, while the changes are made to the base mesh. In some cases you will want to apply the modifier and in others you will not. The apply button doesn’t tell Blender to apply or use the modifier on an object, simply by having the modifier in the stack on the object you need in to be on does that.

OpenSubdiv works in the viewport only and can not be applied yet. It was developed for faster realtime animation feedback. Normal subdiv can get slow for realtime animation work.