OpenTTD logo

1 -Old Logo

2 -Concept change 1

3 -Concept change 2

4 -Concept 1 yellow

5 -Concept 2 yellow

2 -Concept change 1 BUT with the clear tracks from 4 -Concept 1 yellow.

[edit] what gives… Everybody always does a ‘globe’ for their logo… It’s so OVER DONE it’s not even funny.

Well being a “transport” game it is fairly fitting that it be a globe IMO.

doing a google image search for logo, doesn’t result in many globes on the front page… so i dunno how over done it really is, or if its just a logo you notice more (since firefox perhaps)

anyway thanks for the crit.


the world is all about transport, so I think its a logical choice. and the arrows with the road and the rail symbolize the transport. Nice logos!

i really like the number 4.

I like the globe from 3 & the arrows from 2.

could you explain what the goal is?

i liek the first and the last ones. i am confused which should get
more attention, the globe or the bended arrow around the globe.

4 and 5 are definately the best. I prefer 5 just a little more though.