Operation Weasel(Demo download)

Hi, this is my attempt to participate in this game jam , but we’ll see how it goes :eyebrowlift2:

The story takes place during World War II and the player in the role of a man landed on enemy territory should steal secret documents , which are important for allies in the well-guarded bunker.

  • The game should be a third person
  • Equipment - pistol with a silencer
  • Weather - fog , clouds and rain

Demo download link(21mb) -walking through the map only (so far)


some screens- from first day work:


Work on the main character-head


Wow great to see so many BGMC entries! Looks like you have made a great start, are you planning on adding foliage (grass bushes etc.)?

Thanks Thatimster, of course grass and trees… Trees still to be done oak, birch and spruce


The main character is complete the texture will be further improved


Nice! Are you using multitexture mode? If yep, try glsl for better lighting. If you’re using glsl try improving the lighting. If that’s the style you’re going for I have said nothing :D. Well I said nice models!

Looking good!

Looking nice! If you are using multitexture, stick with it, your framerate will appreciate it. I don’t see any problem with the lighting.

@NID Graphics Thanks @blenderrendersk @Nines Thanks…Yeah, from the beginning planned as Multitexture with that light there will be little - fog , overcast skies , rain - bake only decent shadows and AO -the main character and his gun with silencer(GLSL shading)…


Ah cool, so if the lighting is dark I guess it will look good with multitexture.

Looks great.
I can’t see the images on my phone though, don’t know why…

The bottom of his jacket looks a little dark, like a smooth shading artifact. You can split the bottom faces of the jacket by pressing “y” in edit mode to avoid this, then rebake the textures. It’s often good to do that on low poly models on any faces which point directly down, like the bottom of shoes.

Thanks a lot Smoking_mirror , yeah I’m right too see it, try the procedure .
about images…on my cell phone I can see them well

Hard work continues but I do not know if I catch it in time:)
Today I would like to finish all buildings , trees
Tomorrow the enemy model and animations , camera settings from a third perspective

The main building ready - Bunker


…some trees


Mission begins in the forest after parachute jump


Looking good! Maybe bake the ao for the ground.

Thanks blenderrendersk, Yeah , that’s the plan, and some subtle shadows
What is the very best solution for this foggy weather?
-in fact there may not even be the sun , just bake Ao and the subtle shadows and sun
then delete?

ps. if I never make it in time , I do not worry I will continue the project started I was quite fun as it gradually fills map
I would like to set a good view of a third person and animations for my future similar projects

Today’s work - Third Person Camera- camera rotates with player character+W key to move forward - S key to move backwards
Animations: squat walk + idle

Used scripts and addons: Third Person Camera by Mobious - Thanks Mobious , great camera!
UVScroll.py- used to animate clouds
and great Easy Emit Addon-used to rain- by Andreas Esau - Thanks Andreas


I don’t know if the lighting right now is just for showing purposes. I hope that for the game you make it a lot darker. But other than that it looks great.

Looks nice, all oyu have left to do is finish logic till tomorrow, next 2 days you can tweak visuals, fix bugs and add some small props to levels(f. e. more grass if someone tells you need more or less grass if too much grass makes lag) :wink: Good luck!

@blenderrendersk Oh Thank you,Yes general atmosphere should be darker , a little visibility- fog ,No night but something as much misty drizzly evening or early morning.

@adriansnetlis Thanks, much work still needs to be done , it seems to miss the deadline ,
I had probably choose something simpler…game mechanics and animations are not just my forte
Good luck to all who participated!!

Today I made ​​a menu , added sounds , animation kneeling added…I continue to work:)
Tomorrow upload the blend file , which can still only go through with the character around the map.

ps. …and do not look closely at the animations come as a bit of a robot but I did it by hand
No mocap:D