Opinion about bringing VR to Blender with BlenderXR

We of MARUI-PlugIn are currently developing VR for Blender. We are still in an early phase and are looking for partners/ sponsors to aid us in our development for BlenderXR.

What are your thoughts and wishes about adding VR to Blender?

This video shows our current state of development: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qAC8FTrU5s


What do I need to join? Do I need to have the VR hardware? If so, what brand?
I´m intereested. Can´t wait to see grease pencil on VR.


Can you provide more feedback of what you are searching for? And do you have a site/forum setup where one can read up more on? (currently at work so Youtube is blocked… )

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YES, that would be really great !
I’m working every day with Blender, but although it has great capabilities in organic modelling, I use Oculus Medium for that task with a WMR HMD. As a real world sculptor VR modeling is a fascinating extension for my profession - like modelling in a dream !
So, again, this would be wonderful.
And I think, your plugin will be a meshbased, not voxelbased application ? This would be an especialness among most of the other VR modeling tools.
And if you could implement Dyntopo too, it could be a killertool !

I’m very curious and wish you good success!


Hey - I have been watching MARUI for a long time on your YT Channel!

I have a Windows MR headset. I would love to use that with blender. :smiley:

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Sorry for being ignorant, but is VR able to help creating tracking points for Armatures … so one could go and create animations just like with MoCap back then?

It’s probably a pretty dumb question ^^

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Yes, you will need VR hardware to be able to experience it. Oculus Rift, Microsoft MR and HTC Vive are supported. At this point we are still in the starting phase with the development. So we are looking for sponsor to help us create VR for Blender.

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Currently we are looking for financial support to help us fund our development. Of course we are also trying to get a clear understanding of the general opinion about the idea of bringing VR to Blender. We are currently working on the information webpage. By next week we will release that online. For now, we have a viewer version finished, so it is possible to see your project in VR, but not yet able to model or animate anything.

Thanks for your interest in our software.
Happy to hear that. We are now searching for financial support to keep developing our BlenderXR.

Do you plan a go-fundme/patreon/kickstarter approach?

Even a viewer version would be interesting to test. Eager to see the page and all the details as soon as it is published to the public.

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I would be willing to toss money towards that If it were done :slight_smile:


This would be very useful to have; currently with existing plugins one can only effectively view models/scenes in VR. Being able to work in VR would speed things up significantly, especially if all of Blender’s existing functionality remains intact, ie. modifiers, sculpting, texture/vertex/weight painting, snapping tools, etc.

Please let us know where we can donate.

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I have an oculus, Im a blender fan and a profesional animator, would love to talk further, I actually have a project in mind to do with oculus and blender’s future interactive mode.

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I have a Vive and would love to see a Vive controller tracker plugin for mocap with blender (like brekel).
I tried the old Blender VR plugin for Vive (the one made to view sculpture, no controller though). I bought Gravity Sketch VR and Mesh Maker VR on Steam. It’s nice.

What’s the roadmap and features so far?

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We just finished our webpage and we are eager to present it for our BlenderXR project.
We will go for the fundme approach for now. The Viewer version is finished and we are now developing the tools of Blender. It will not be long before the viewer version will be uploaded to the public.

Thanks for your interest and have a look at our webpage and support us making Blender the perfect 3D design software.

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The webpage is finished and donations are possible now. Viewer version will be available soon, but we are now developing some tools. In the coming weeks we will upload some videos which show our new developments.

Thanks for your interest!

That’s nice, happy to hear such projects are happening. We would gladly contribute to that, but unfortunately our current development do not yet focus on creating animation tools. It will take us a while to implement and advance these tools for BlenderXR. Please have patience and follow our latest developments.

If you are very interested in our project, please support our initiative and help us continue developing BlenderXR.

Don’t worry about what kind of questions you have.
Yes, VR will be able to help creating such points. It will give you the possibility the view from all perspectives by yourself which makes it also very intuitive. In our ideal end software you will have all our animation tools which Maya would have. To be able to achieve this, we still need a lot of time and support to be able to develop it completely.

If interested, stay tuned in and follow our process on the Blender communities and help us create the ultimate BlenderXR: https://www.marui-plugin.com/blender-xr/#sp

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Looks like the first prototype was released and announced over at devtalk forums: https://devtalk.blender.org/t/vr-ar-user-interface/2053/12

Also, why isn’t this topic under the Blender 2.8 category?

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Because this was created when we just started. We are making a new topic right now.
Thanks for your comment.