Opinion on a render and what I should change

Made this table and wanted to know if there were things i should change, something i noticed is the glass, and how bland it seems, i also wanted suggestions for changing that.


Its not an issue of the material, but the studio setup, lighting and camera angle.
Its currently very bland- like a lot of other bland phone photos of poured tables.
A more intentional setup like this one below may show your work in a better light.

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Nice work and Design. From looking at it I notice the scene is lacking what is usually on a table. I would make the glass potions of the table much more shiny or sub-surfacy (if that’s a word lol). Also try putting an area lights above the table so the table reflects the area light shape + sharpen the image.

Agreed - that model does look great. Look forward to a render that will showcase all the lovely details