Opposite of inset?

Still can’t find an ‘outset’, Is there one yet?

Inset is just an extrude operation that stays on the face surface, so if you extrude and scale up it will give you an “outset”

If you enable the add-on that comes with blender named Edit Mesh Tools, when you select an edge or edges in edit mode and right click > mesh tools > offset edges, that might give you what you want to do.

Look here:

The problem with that is that the new edges aren’t an even distance from each other like with inset.

They should be.

see this vid intro

happy bl

Not sure if it’s the same thing the OP wants but see see attached image.

Left: Even edges inset gives
Middle: Uneven edges extrude gives
Right: The result i want, i had to go about a roundabout way of doing it.

Here is the roundabout way i did it: