Ops! RCRuiz did it again! - QuickDisplay

Hi all!
RCRuiz make a blender patch for make a QuickDisplay when we move inside the 3d window,

I mean when you use ALT + Left Button Mouse (mouse with 2 buttons) or use the middle button of the mouse and move it.
RCRuiz words:

the intention of this patch is that when you have a very heavy model and you have it in wiremode , for example, or other by activating the patch in bound box for said something you will be able, when you change the 3dview (rotating or panning) to change automatically the current mode to the bound box while you are rotating ONLY and then it will change back to the previous mode when this action is done . . . I also know the use of the “/” but for me is very useful see the position (relative)of the other objects on my scene . . . . . a simple test. . . if you create . .lets said 10 spheres and apply a subd 6 to all of them . . (depending on the machine) . . when you rotate or pan the view is getting difficile to manage . . . . when you use the path this is solve . . . . I hope that this explain the patch in a beater way
some images:


other example:


The patch:

apparently broken close/rejected the patch (read the link of the patch)

C ya!

ops, I forgot mention this:
When I try to patch the file DEF_UserDef_Types.h (in /blender/source/blender/makesdna) (8/11/2006) the console show a error, because a difference in the patch with the original source in the number of lines (source position).

The patch of ramon for this file (redbox):

The error it’s because short pad; its in other line (this is the original file+modification) yellowbox

I opend and edit the DEF_UserDef_Types.h manually, commenting short pad; and adding short quickDisplayMode; .
Not comment the last line(in the yellowbox) short pad1; (leave this)

My english is very bad, so excuse me :stuck_out_tongue:

when patching the other file (blender/source/blender/src/space.c it’s ok!

this would be useful to me :slight_smile:
I import models from Solidworks that are heavy going
at present I pick a mesh and use keypad / to isolate it and it cuts workload but this would be much better
could it be set to kick in after x faces so that the user has control over it for his/her pc/graphics card performance?
so for instance in preferences is set for >100,000 faces or whatever

Although not directly related I am a little disappointed that the zoom to box selection is only approved in cvs for ortho at this point.
I really would like a zoom to select in perspective mode. If someone could improve it to Tons satisfaction for inclusion in the next release I would be delighted :slight_smile:

Something like this

Patch can be found here
I made this, this summer, I’m a beginner in coding, there is certainly some bad coding, but if anyone is interested, he can change, make better and perhaps you will have a function like this.

yes thats good…something like that or RCRuiz’s

In another instance if I import a model of machinery assembly…many many meshes but they are not necessarily so big…nuts and bolts… but I have larger pieces…sheetmetal covers…may be I still like to see to work on … it could be handy to have it work the other way around too. That is hides small parts either in terms of face number or relative physical size…even continues hiding too small parts to figure for render/animation in that view… dunno :rolleyes:

Again different situation- if I have say 3 million faces on screen it is dead slow to rotate…if I just want to browse over the model and stop when I find a nice camera angle it would be handy to have everything (if say total open faces for the scene is >300,000 -or whatever I set as workable size for my graphics card) as all bound boxes until I stop moving

apparently broken close/rejected the patch (read the link of the patch)
Making Blender faster etc, etc according Ton’s comment.
Why not, but at the moment, what are we doing?
Everybody don’t have Geforce 6 or ATi X1600, also not everybody are using CLOSED graphics drivers if they run an opensource OS.
Cause for them, the word “opensource” has a sens and they thanks devs for this patch.
It gives them the choice to model/anim in blender even with a poor graphic card using DRI.

Thanks RCuiz and thanks LGuillaume ( the first author of this kind of patch!).

Don’t get me wrong, i still confident about Ton’s choices, but sometime…

RCuiz: i’m using the LG’s patch, i think it works as your own, oh and to reply to your ask on the patch tracker, yeah, this patch/concept is useful. :slight_smile:

Yes, in my opinion this patch should be in BF Blender…