Optical Fibers

Hello :slight_smile:

Been a while since I have posted anything, due to the fact that I have given up trying to blend something with a computer as old as mine, but with a new computer lies a new beggining :slight_smile:

Here is an abstract image I made a while ago but never posted (sorry to dial up people, I’m a dial up person too), Click on the the image to see a 1152 x 864 version:



:o LOL … dude that is so bright my eyes are burnin .
Im sittin here in the dark and BLAM bright green !

I like it , needs some softer colour though In my opinion .

hehe, I should of put a warning for people who play games on their computers to turn down the brightness :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice, but I don’t want to look at it for a too long time, it’ll burn my eyes :wink:

I think you could try using the ramp shaders, to give some slight variations of colors, because it’s a little too “uniform green”. But it’s a great abstract image :slight_smile:

Thanx, I have this picture as my desktop background, and my eyes are fine :slight_smile:
Now if you exuse me, I need to feel my way to the kitchen…


There’s a green tinge on everything now. :o

I’m serious, all the gray looks greenish. :frowning:

Yeah its a bit mental lookin, like something out of Lawnmower Man.

whats that disorder they always post signs about in front of amusement park rides about the bright flashy light giving people seisures?

Ooooooooh, bright, neat tubes :o