Optical Illusion Contest [VOTING]

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This thread has moved from the general chat area to the brand spanking new Contest forum.

:smiley: This is the voting theread for the Optical Illusion Contest :smiley:

The gallery is at


And follow the link to the gallery. There are 10 entries, three of which are mine, but I don’t think it is fair to participate to a Contest I’m organizing… so they are not in the poll options :stuck_out_tongue:

Voting poll has a 7 days lifetime.



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:frowning: My name is phillip, with 2 L’s (not philip) it’s my nickname that’s phlip, with 1 L, and a missing I.

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Sorry :frowning:

updated to the correct nick :wink:


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and i think you wrote the sentence a bit wrong. it’s: IN this contest do you preFERE

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/me thinks it is time to stop going to bed that deep in the a.m. portion of the clock (at least outside weekends)


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Nice illusions - my brain hurts :wink:

It seems that my entry (112k) was lost in the mail (wrong email address, perhaps?) :frowning:

It’s nothing elaborate - just a simple, convincing, optical illusion.

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:frowning: I’m really sorry :frowning:

I’ve checked my mailbox twice but I can’t find any mail from you, but my e-mail address here on elysiun looks right…

Nice image! I’m not sure if I should add it a posteriori
voting has already started :frowning:


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I’ve checked my logs, and the entry email got at least as far as a machine called “diefi.det.unifi.it”.

Don’t add my picture - I missed out. It’s sad, but I’ll live :wink:

(valarking) #9

why does everyone like jbelanche’s the best? i mean it’s a great render with awesome lighting, but as far as an optical illusion, it’s rather simple, not nearly as complex as soem of the others.

(jbelanche) #10

Hi Valar King!
I think the same!: my work isnt the best at the gallery…too simple for a optical illusion. :smiley:



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Maybe it’s just me, but if it’s a contest, shouldn’t each person be limited to one entry instead of a few people with multiple images?

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Well, I posted all that I got (except for ectizen, sorry again, and the machine you are quoting is one of my University, so I can’t understand why I never received the e-mail…)

After all also CurtiS allowed multiple entries!


(blenderanim) #13

That’s pretty much why I voted for it. It’s simple, well-lit, doesn’t have extra to detract from the illusion, and has a good texture.

Actually, my favorite was #2 because of the simplicity, but I couldn’t vote for that.

I think #10 would have been better without the Terragen background.

That’s my $.02. It would be interesting to hear other’s comments.

(Goofster) #14

exactly. i’ve voted for jbelanche too. it may be a simple illusion, but the mood is much better then the others.


(Timothy) #15

same here

(S68) #16


I’m not going to tell whom I voted for, but you might guess :slight_smile:

By the way,

WHY only 38 votes out of 555 community members???


(pofo) #17

Me I voted for theeth, his stair just made me dizzy.

Good job everyone
:slight_smile: pofo

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Stefano, I wasn’t able to vote because the voting buttons just don´t appear in my browser (tried Mozilla, Konqueror, IE and Opera). I guess my IP was registered once years ago, and now the server believes that I already voted… I don’t know… maybe this happened to more people… anybody ?

For valarking’s dissapointment I would have vote for jbelanche ! :smiley:

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Ooops, after a while I realized what was the problem … have to log in BEFORE open the thread…

Sorry valarKing… I did it :wink: