Optics simulation: lenses, laser source ?

Hello all,

i really can’t find any relevant info about these questions:

Laser light: it seems impossible to simulate a laser light with blender, since even a spot light source has a wide angle, and object with emitting material won’t reflect properly.

I want to design a laser device, with front surface mirrors, and the sabrelaser demo is no help for me.

Another question is about lenses: can’t find any example of lenses, i’d like to have if possible an accurate model of lens that can tweak the light in a realistic way.

Realistic means for example using a white light source and a prism-shaped “glass” object & material, and get a RAINBOW

Blender is quite good in physics, but i really can’t find any info about optics!!!

If any of you has experience or info about that, this would be very kind to share it!

Thanks a lot


If you really want to simulate how real light works and not fake it, you will have to use an external renderer. Blender Internal can’t handle this. You should use Yaf(a)ray, Luxrender, Indigo, VRay, instead.

Sure, a REAL ray-tracer is the best for such simulations, but this does not solve the light source problem:
where a laser beam has a few mrad divergence, blender spot light has min 1° divergence. it’s not possible to go beyond this, it’s like 10 times too high!

Have a look at this thread here. The interesting ones are near the bottom of the page where a very narrow light source is produced. I think it does still spread a little though.

EDIT - Updating the link - http://www.yafaray.org/community/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1747&highlight=&sid=72a9c2aa8e45290997e25a3d8949579d

I think the download links probably don’t work anymore.