Optimizing Quadro M2000M for cycles GPU render?

There are tons of threads about Quadro cards but I haven’t seen anything on specifically related to setting up Blender/cycles for use with a quadro card.

Are there specific steps I need to take to optimize cycles render for the NVIDIA quadro M2000M? Right now it seems like the CPU (i7-6820 2.7Ghz) and the quadro M2000M have equivalent render times.

There really isnt much of a difference between quadro cards and geforce cards in terms of ‘optimizing blender for it’… they both are programmed and built the same way.

The performance seems correct… you are comparing a desktop cpu to a mobile gpu…

That is my laptop CPU. SO are you saying that when it comes to laptop, it doesn’t make a difference whether you use a CPU or GPU to render?

Ah, i just assumed because it didnt have any characters at the end it was a desktop cpu (its actually the 6820HK :wink: )

on laptops, the performance varies heaps between laptop to laptop… depending on what cpu is in it, what the manufactorer has done in terms of trying to limit performance for better battery and other stuff like how good the cooling is in the product and whether it needs to throttle it quicker.

pretty much each laptop is unique, if you are finding that your cpu is just as powerful as your gpu in terms of rendering, it probably is.

Hi, the Quadro cards are slower as the gaming cards for render with Cycles or other GPU engines.
They are build for 24/7 usage mostly for CAD software.
The only thing you have to change are tile sizes, CPU need small and GPU love big tiles.
Check GPU with 256x256 tiles or use Auto Tile Size addon.

Cheers, mib