Option that automatic correct origin when you use a modifier like array for example


Is there no option/way that the origin of a model is recalculated if a modifier like array is used on the model. So that an following modifier like bend uses the origin of the array model, not of the original model. Iam still on 2.79

Not realyl because the array isn’t “real”, so the only actual geometry is the base item. Because the various values, (count, offset) are dynamic, it would have to be constantly recaclulating the origin. Bear in mind as well, you can actually animate those values, so the last thing you’d want there is the overhead of recalculating the origin, it may not even be desired as your animation may rely on the origin of the base item.
If you are happy with the array, you can always apply it, then reset the orogin to the centre of the new “committed” geoemtry.

Hi, the following steps may help you:

  1. Temporarily apply the Array Modifier
  2. Temporarily set “Origin to Geometry”
  3. Do Shift+S and choose “Cursor to Active”
  4. Undo steps (Ctrl+Z) until you get the Array Modifier back
  5. Then, set “Origin to 3D Cursor”
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Thats the problem, i only knew if i happy when the following modifier has worked on the array with the correct origin. I really would like to see an option for modifiers “recalculate origin”.

Yes, good point, as workaround i can do your steps.
Perhaps i try quick and dirty python script.