Option to turn off the rings around the rotate/resize gizmo?

Hi all,

This post is in regards to the white ring around gizmos in rotate and resize.

Maybe it’s been around for a while, but I recently have begun to notice it as it’s causing a lot of unnecessary undo’s on a large scene. In multiple and frequent 30 seconds of idleness, I grew to see it as somewhat of a design flaw. I understand it’s purpose: to provide tweak control, but since I’ve assigned tweaking action to my middle mouse button, I never need the ring around the gizmo.

I just want to know if there’s a way to disable it in the preferences because I have not found any.

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Hi Colacuve,

Thanks for posting about this, Im having the same problem. My main problem is with the resize gizmo because it takes up so much screen space around it and makes it difficult to click on individual axis transforms. 80% of the time I end up clicking on the white ring now.

As far as I know, the white ring on the resize gizmo was added a few weeks ago and is now present in the final 2.8 release. Is there a good place to report this problem? Right click select or blender today maybe?

Its stopping me from switching to the newest builds haha.

it’s not a bug, if my memory serves me correct it can be changed in preferences not at my computer at the min so cant give you a point by point explanation on how to fix it, but it can be changed as i have done it in the past…

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Have you figured it out yet?

There’s no solution to this at the moment.