Optix AI Denoiser

(LazyDodo) #41

gave it a quick spin, loaded into blender just fine, but the denoise button locks up blender here as well, also got a funky feeling that the nearly 400 megs of closed source dll’s (cuda+optix+denoiser dlls) are not as compatible with blenders license as one might hope.

(Ace Dragon) #42

If that is the case, then it’s a good thing we have DeepBlender and his project. His results should arguably be superior because of the heavier use of feature passes. :wink:

Also a good thing, Lukas Stockner’s denoising code in 2.8 has also gotten pretty decent when higher samples are used with the Branched Path integrator. The new code adding animation support should just make it better.

In short, Blender has two possible roads to take if the license compatibility it has with Optix isn’t what we thought.

(Dito) #43

Sorry ade90054,

I had said it wrong.
I meant the plugin folder, of course.

(zeealpal) #44

AFAIK, as long as the addon isn’t distributing closed sourced libraries with GPL code addon than that’s ok;
If the user downloads and installs the Optix libraries themselves, but doesn’t distribute them together, than I don’t believe it breaks the license.

(Dodododorian96) #45

Will this denoizer run real time ?

(Janneman) #46

Hi, took this for a quick spin but it seems to want to save the result in the add-ons folder, for which the app doesn’t have permission. Anywhere that I can change the path of the resulting image? Changing the normal render path does nothing. Thanks!

(gat) #47

Could be Python or Blender comparability issue, try both 32bit and 64bit versions of Blender.


For everyone interested, here is a video from @Bone-Studio demonstrating the OptiX denoiser plugin from Remington Graphics (don’t know whether Grant Wilk is in this forum…).

(Riley Brown) #49

Just an update for everyone here. Latest news is Grant getting ready to release the plugin Friday!

It’s been cool to see the community in action developing this plugin. Here are some results from the final version on the benchmark. 4 samples.

(English is not my native language) #50

Linux plugin?, binaries or how to compile/build?

(Riley Brown) #51

Sorry, code is not my native language. :wink:

Hit @ RemiGraphics up on Twitter I’m sure he’d be happy to answer for you.

(English is not my native language) #52

OK thanks
I do not have a Twitter account… I do not have tattoos either. What kind of uncommon person I am in these current times :smiley:

(Shylon) #53

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(yandrychoy) #54

Hi, impressive denoiser, it will be free? Thanks

(captainkirk) #55

Yes, it’s going to be a free addon.

(Thesonofhendrix) #56

This will hold us over until we get Deep Blender.

(Dodododorian96) #57

is this running in real time?

(Riley Brown) #58

It’s out tonight, and it’s free thanks to Remington Graphic’s and their hard work. Go give it a try!

(rboxman) #59

Really cool, seems to work here on some simple scenes I’ve thrown together.

However, I may have found some cases where the denoiser produces problematic results at higher sample counts, worse than the initial render (ironically). Where/how can we file issues for these – probably requires more training?

(Riley Brown) #60

Github link for reporting issues/bugs: https://github.com/grantwilk/DNOISE