Optix DE-nosier not working

I cant find ANYONE with this issue but when i render my image it doesn’t show the DE-noised image until I press quick DE-noise and it doesn’t export the DE-noised image can someone PLEASE!!! help me.

Did you set your Preferences under System to OptiX? and also select Denoising in the View Layer tab and set that to OptiX? and might be a stupid question…are you using a RTX GPU?

Yes I have done that.

What version of blender you running?

I am running 2.82a

I am going to try to install 2.83.5 as it has optix built in.

I am using 2.82.7 …but yes as far as I know they did add better system for RTX in 2.83 …I didn’t notice any difference though.