ORAGE (the storm) concept car

This is a concept car is my dream car that i would want to see built and seeking attention for help the further the design and structure. I would love to partner with designers and engineers to help me deconstruct this design to find the weak point and how i go about making the actual car. Feel free to leave a comment.


nicely unwrapped, or did u used a procedural texture? :smiley:

it was unwrapped

I mean if you really want to build that thing some day, you gotta think about areo first.

It looks super duper cool, but from the look of it, it makes very little downforce and would be basically undrivable. The rear “splitter” is just going to cause dirty air and kill any benefits you get from the low pressure zone the front diffuse makes. I don’t see anywhere for the rear brake duct air to exit, the vents under the rear window serve no obvious purpose. I don’t see any function to the areo tunnels underneath to produce clean air. I don’t see any rear wing or downforce producing vents. I suspect the rear slopey duck tail shape at the back is a downforce kiiller, and i suspect it’d also create a pretty bad turbulance zone at the center there. The air’s gonna move different off of that surface than the non curved surfaces around it and create an eddy zone like on an airplane

Does it look cool? Yeah. Do you want it anywhere near your areo? Hell no.

Also the roof really sucks from an engineering perspective. Basically none of those shapes are areodynamic, easy to make or remotely structurally sound. Plus you could never wind the windows down because the windows are so huge and flat, and the doors are so thin.

I mean if you just want to make a render that looks cool, you did it. It’s pretty good. But if you want people to “take it serious” as a project car, hell no.

You want to start with your suspension, start with your under areo, start with at least a roughly accurate driveline blockup and make a shape that works around that. You don’t go the other way around because it will never work. Remember the Zenvo.

Also those supposed numbers are pretty dumb. Bugatti can’t break 270 or 1500 on a car that actually functions as a car. A top fuel drag car can barely crack those numbers. That there is some bullshit that serves no purpose.

I do dig the headlight strut shapes though. Those are pretty cool

Just wow, the feedback i was looking for…ok
1.the car is a race car for the road
2.the windows dont wind down
3.the car is a complete racecar and the car itself acts as a wing the inside is hollow.
4.the shape is a dome and the roof is like that because it cant go any lower for legal road use
5.i have done research on parts that change shape when heat is applied and that’s how the rear of the car works concerning the rear diffuser and most of the magic happens under the car and in it.
6.first its a concept and then work out the details later,
7.the selling point for this car was to be a car that has no creature comfort and no respect for your senses and its goal to make you soil yourself.
8. i wana thank you alot for your feedback and your comment, very fruitful and i did take note, if your up to maybe we could collaborate on a project.
thanks for your effort and time reviewing my work.

Well saying “The magic happens inside!” when the car fails to make any downforce doesn’t achieve anything. And when the thing fails rollover tests because your roof sucks, the homologation boards are going to say “no, you failed to make an appealing shape that meet basic specifications, that’s not our fault”

And when it produces huge drag and no downforce because you’ve got all these functionless pockets and unrefined shapes everywhere, nobody’s going to go “well it looks cool”, they’re going to go “man that car sucks”. And people were pissed the XJ220 shipped with a turbo v6, and not the V12 that it was shown with as a concept, and pulled their orders, even though it made more power than the 12 was claimed to make and met every expectation thrown at it. Saying “3,500 HORSEPOWER YAY LOOK AT ME” is just shooting yourself in the dick for all it achieves

do your reading before you claim to be able to build a car. It’s fucking hard.

concept-cars are always interessting, nice work!