Orange Juice container/product shot.

This is a work in progress. I know I have some cleaning up to do on the Orange Juice itself and the setting. Any ideas would be great.




Hmm, well in general orange juice doesn’t splash quite like that, it’s more of one solid splash. Also it should be much more saturated, as right now it gives a slight impression of dijon mustard. =/ Also the scene in general should be much more brightly lit, similar to Andrew Price’s donut scene.

Ok i think this is really done now. :slight_smile:


That actually looks better! With the oranges in the glass instead of the actual juice make it more serious. I like it! :smiley:

I would probably brighten it even slightly more and give it a orange / yellow tint in the compositor. That way you can get a bright happy morning feel to really grab the consumer.

Wow, great improvement! If you were to stick with the juice in the glass you could improve it a lot with SSS.

nice, the scene looks good with the lighting, though i think just having the fruit in the glass is a bit of a cop out! the juice itself could just use a bit of colour correction to make it more orange juice like, and if you have the fruit splashing into juice you will recapture that dynamic quality that you seemed to be looking for in the first image, also giving a reason for the splashing.

How about this?

Its your image; if you are focusing on the orange juice container/oranges, for me is better to cut the table or background left/right. Also 2 min gimp editing: color correction,contrast and auto white.