orange juice

hi, What is the best way to get a real looking orange “juice” material?
i tried this : Mix Shadder - glossy + glass, but i just didnt feel natural to my eyes.
better idea?

if you want a very thick orange juice you can use just the sss shader. If you want a bit more translucent, you can use a mix of sss and glass with volume scattering, or even just a translucent shader.
The big trick is to have two materials, one mixed with a glossy (with fresnel factor) for the surface of the juice that is in contact with air, and another without the gloss for the part that is in contact with the glass container (I presume you also have a glass container for the orange juice).

here’s my scene, if you want to check what i really have done:

For concentrated juice - i’d probably go for a mix of SSS (with a largish value in the scale factor) and glossy for the surface - using fresnel to control the reflections.

For more dilute juice (especially if you want to partially see through it) i’d probably go for glass/translucent mix - using the mixing factor to control the transparency of the juice - or you could go with a refraction/translucent/glossy mix - again using fresnel to control the glossy reflection.

For accuracy - you could look at volumetrics (scatter and absorption) - but these will likely be the slowest option too.

thanks for the replies, I dont know my way around SSS shading that much,but let me study it properly to get the best result