Orange teaser: elephants dream

You can download it using bittorrent from here:


I’ll upload a version to the elysiun server later.

Can anyone mirror that one with a “non-torrent” mirror?

I would appreciate that also.

Which codec does it use?

<edit> Got it work with QuickTime. Very nice. Excellent music. I can’t wait to see more … </edit>

Very nice! I love the music.

anyone wants to mirror this?

[edit] never mind, got it

i think it looks awesome! :slight_smile: but maybe a little too dark mood for my taste though

what’s wrong with using bittorrent, I’ve just downloaded it in 8mins no problem.

:o It look awesome, orange team are really doing great things!

ha!! did I say no problem.

no f–king sound from any media player I’ve got installed on my Linux boxes and that includes mplayer.

If i’d wanted to watch apple quicktime movies with their proprietary codecs i’d have bought f–king OS X or some M$ sh-t

so any linux users out there had success if so where do I get the codec before I loose total interest in the Orange project.

cool yer jets man

Yellow, calm down, it’s an MPEG 4 movie. It should play in any media player supporting MPEG audio and video.

Was anybody else a little bit “let down” by the graphics quality? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they’re making the movie and I’m looking forward to seeing it, but I was hoping for a bit “more”. Maybe that was just because it’s the teaser. Kudos to them for what they’ve done so far, and I hope the movie turns out well.:smiley:


Well, I sorta agree. There really wasn’t much that made me go WOW! I felt that human-character looked a little plastic, and didn’t have much expression to him. But hey, it’s an early preview, probably quite quickly thrown together. I still have faith in the team :slight_smile:

can’t use it here (well don’t) due to monthly bandwidth caps.

bittorrent (with all our traffic monitors) has always used 1.5x the file size in bandwidth. just can’t afford that kind of usage. (well certainly not on large files like anything over 50Mb)


Here is a xvid version i encoded :
Elephants dream_Xvid_wav

sorry to be a pain in the ass, but could anyone compress the heck out of this thing to around 15meg for us dialup users.


ok i sucked it up and downloaded the 29meg version, it was well worth it, i think this is going to rock!

argh!! sound was my problem not having built the media players on my linux boxes with aac. Added it to my use flags and rebuilt mplayer. Sound is now working great. My apologies all round for firing off so quickly. :expressionless:

Really impressed with the music score and the atmosphere and of course everything the Orange Team have created so far.

My machine is too slow for either the mov or the avi that are up. Can someone recompress for us ‘slow’ computers? All I get is a slideshow. thanks!

I’m not really suppose to host anything that could kill bandwidth on this server. But here goes nothing…

4.27 MB

  • Right click, save target as.
(I hope someone mirrors this or posts a better compression by tomorrow.)

Er, great teaser and all, but can I point out… if the title is supposed to mean a dream being had by a character called Elephant, it should be ELEPHANT’S, not ELEPHANTS. With an apostrophe.

Unless it’s a statement about elephants in general. Elephants dream. (Do they?)

What exactly does the title mean?