Orange you glad?

tried my best making something very realistic, i would love opinions! (100 samples)


Not quite sure what it is, but something seems slightly off with the oranges. Like it’s just the diffuse coloring, or something. Did you use any subsurface scattering? Or perhaps it’s that they look dried out instead of being “freshly” cut and wet (ie no glossiness to them). And the wood looks like it could use a little bump.

Overall, though, It’s great composition and you have an excellent start!

I’d say it’s fairly realistic and nice to look at. It could use one more nicely composed object to keep your attention a bit longer.
The dad joke is top notch, nothing to critique :smiley:

I think this looks photoreal and these are some of the best orange slices i’ve ever seen, just a bit dark though. great work!

photorealism is definently achieved, congrats!