Orat-oret (draw on wall and floor)

my other personal projeck , :smiley:
girl drawing on floor n wall, but suddenly she called by her mother, n
she said : “hemm?” or “what?”
hope you like it. :smiley:

looks just great. I painted my front door 2 times to cover up my daughters art work.

May I ask how you did the hair? : )
I like it alot : )
I like it all alot actually : P
i know it’s hard to make toes as good as those, i like the hands alot too. They seem somewhat big but i feel like it is a positive influence on the style you have on her model : )
And the long flowy dress looks comfy and reminds me alot of my own younger sister : )
you captured that essence very well ^-^

Great job! I think you captured the moment very well there.

great expression ,nice image.

Yup. “Caught in the act.” :slight_smile: