Orbit Around Mouse Cursor

Is it possible to do this? I’m coming from Max where you can orbit around the ‘point of interest’ - wherever on the model/mesh your mouse cursor is. I’m so used to this behaviour in Max that not having it in Blender is a nightmare. I realise you can orbit around selected, but this isn’t what I’m talking about.


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“Auto depth” does similar thing and “zoom to mouse position” could be useful too.


Thank you for the hint.

Both of those features are related to zooming, not orbiting, but thanks anyway.

Try to turn on “auto depth” and hover your mouse over different parts of geometry, it will orbit around your cursor.


Also, Alt+Left-Click centers the view on the point under the mouse cursor in Blender 2.80.

This is having no effect.

I’m using a custom Maya-style navigation with Alt as the modifier key and left/middle/right to orbit/pan/zoom respectively.

Clicking on the mesh object isn’t re-centering the view as you’ve said.

Sorry, I meant Alt+Middle-Mouse-Click. But if you are using a custom keymap with Alt+Clicks mapped differently, then of course it won’t work.
Add a new hotkey in the keymap, under 3D view. The operator is called “Center View to Mouse” (command: “view3d.view_center_pick”), use maybe a different modifier key + middle-mouse-click.


Nevermind .

This is it. Thanks. Auto-Depth is the key. The reason it wasn’t working for me before was because I had an object selected so it was orbiting around selected. If I deselect everything it works as I’d hoped. This is great! :smiley:

Thanks, this and WAY’s answer combined is exactly what I needed.