orbit around object?


Something I always wanted to ask, how can I orbit around a selected object when I am in a camera view? I want it just like it works for the editor camera. Any ideas?


Create a bezier circle around the object and then parent the camera to the circle. Select Follow path and the camera will orbit the circle. Then parent the circle to the object and voila! you have a camera that not only orbits the object, but can also follow it wherever it moves.

thanks, sounds a bit cumbersome to be honest. if I want to orbit around another object I have to recreate all these steps again. why can’t a camera work just like the editor camera? I hope this gets addressed in a future update.


Another option :Select the camera, then shift select the object, press CTR-t and create either a TrackTo or Locked Track constraint. While you can manipulate the camera directly through it’s viewport with the usual g(rab), r(otate), I find it easier to have a second 3dview open to move/rotate the camera while using the first viewport for the camera view.


thanks Mike, I usally works with several views too. Still I think it’s quite annoying that I can’t navigate the camera like the editor camera, would make things a bit more intuitive. Well here is hoping for an update.


What I do is create an Empty. Scale it up so it’s easy to select among the other objects. Now, in Object mode, select the Camera first then, shift-select the Empty (you now have both the Camera and Empty selected). Press Ctrl-T and select “TrackTo Constraint” from the popup.

You now have your Camera locked onto the Empty. Try moving the Camera to see the results.

Reposition the Empty to wherever you want the Camera to point.

Works perfectly.