Orbital's hub - The Culture - by Sébastien Garnier

hello blenders.

These are the latest pictures of my Culture series. ( From Iain M. Banks Culture’s novels. You can find a readers community on Reddit.)

An hub is the central part of an orbital (a ring world). There is only the hub for now. Next step will be to put in image the construction of the orbital step by step. It will start with drones that assemble the raw material (dust, asteroids) and shape it to produce the infrastructure, a bit like 3D printing, but at a gigantic scale.

The hub is made of four parts:
A core, the mind nest. It is called Ostensible Dazzle Ornament.
A ring, relays the force fields that keep the orbital in motion.
And two “poles” that host some other field devices and provide support for the many drones involved in the construction process.

I used many features of geometry nodes this time.

feedback is welcome. :slight_smile:

You can see my previous artworks on this series and read about it here:

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Excellent work! A truly original enviorment

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