Say hello to Orbito.
He is a new character I’ve modeled. 2600 Faces for the complete model so far. All shaders are running in realtime. 4 Textures: Diffus, Normal, Spec, AAO

Next step will be rigging. And afterwards some basic animations for the game engine.

Very nice character so far. A few tips: did you do the interior of the mouth as well? Did you considered him when having his mouth wide open? Because I’m thinking the size of his head suit not being enough for a few facial animation issues.

wow looks very good. Im surprised more people haven’t commented. What type of game do you inted to make?
Do you have any updates for us?
Great work

Love the body and the head, but I’m a little disturbed by the ears, doesn’t look that organic like the rest. Tell us something about the game!

hey thanks for your comments.
after work I will post an update. I have already rigged him and made 2 basic animations. Idle and run cycle are finished.

What can I say to the game. Don’t know if I get finished, but I would love to create a small level with some jump and run elements. Maybe collect some items and so on. Unfortunately I don’t have that much sparetime so I think this projekt will last some time and I will work on it in my spare time. After the finished Charakter I want to create some level assets. Some plants, trees etc.

Ok, here is the update. A small viedo on youtube introducing orbito.
And the first asset I’ve modeled and textured today. It’s a tree :wink:
More will follow. Have fun!


Very nice the video and the tree.

Wow, super good. I love the animations, they are so fluent, its great.

thank you very much guys!

I had some time that evening, so I made some varations of that tree. Just some slight changes, to give the scenes later a bit more life.

Textures were painted in Blender. For Orbito and the tree, except the leafs. I had some alpha issues in blender. So they are painted in a painting software. I will create most of the future textures in blender too.

The character is awesome!
The animations are awesome!
Great work man !

OHYEAH! It looks awesome mate!

@plop and ahuri
Thank you for your kind words!

So here is some progress!!! I’ve added some grass. And created a ground texture. Painted in Blender again.
Orbito now has his basic movements. Check out the video (Everything done with logic bricks)

Have fun! Updates will follow :slight_smile:

Hey there… a new little Screenie :slight_smile:
Just put all the stuff I’ve already modeled and textured together! Some Material Compositing for the mist, and thats it.


I really love your work. I hope you’ll be able to finish this game =)

Really nice work in textures xD

thanks againg! I hope I will be able to finish it too :smiley:
At least a playable demo :slight_smile:

btw. I have seen your game you are actually working on! Great stuff you are doing there! I will follow your thread!

thanks for your kind words! The textures are almost painted in Blender! It is already really a pleasure to paint in Blender!

Yea i saw ur vid it looks amazing. I like the facial animations. Did u use bones or shapekeys for that? Also what is the advantages of using 2 material nodes, I usually use a stencil for that blending?

hey cuervo,
thanks :slight_smile:
The advantage of mixing your materials via nodes is that you are not limited to 2 materials. Let me explain what I mean. With nodes you can mix as much materials you want together, and always put the new textures on top of everything. The Problem with stencils in the textureslot is that every new stencillayer you use is affected by the stenicillayer above. If you are using only two different materials it is no problem. As far as you start mixing 3 different diffusetextures you will have a problem, that you are not able to put the each new texture just on top of everything. I hope you understand what I mean.

Unfortunately there is a bug at the moment. The bge doesn’t use the right UVLayout. In the Viewport everthing looks ok, but as far as you start the bge it uses the UVLayout that is selected in the Object data and not in the in the nodes. I’ve already reported that bug and it has been confirmed. So I think the fix will be soon in trunk.

very nice job so far, i can’t wait to see the game!

One question: do you use overlaping mirroring for the character texture UV or do you unweld it fully ? I hope my question is clear.

interesting work with nodes!

Hey everybody. Long time no updates. So it is time for one :slight_smile:
I’ve started to create a level. take a look at this video :slight_smile: