My latest mind’s invention:

Renderer: Blender Internal
Rendering time: 30 min 15 sec
AO: on, NO lights were used
NO particles and NO textures in those “things”
Particles could have been more better in this, but… who cares. Over 2 000 000 verts

Old version:

Comments are welcome

looks cool and reminds me of hedgehogs, most particularly since I recently had one in my garden…
How did you do the DOF?

looks cool, though 2 000 000 verts seems like a bit much

“Instant Christmas Tree Pellet: Just Add Water”

Like Tribbles on crack or something. I don’t know how to even begin to ‘crit’ somethng like this, but i like the way they look. A lot of people have done balls like this with particles, but these feel a lot more organic. They also look like they’d hurt a lot if you stepped on one.

Thanks, mates!
DoF is with nodes( no defocus, using a little of this kind of settings: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=106239 , greets to marsan for the idea)

Yes, 2 mil verts is pretty much but I don’t know why my blender ran still pretty fast! and render wasn’t too slow either to my taste…
I think too that these are pretty more organic-ish than those with particles. I am very bad playing with particles…
You don’t know who difficult it is to me to name this kind of pictures :stuck_out_tongue: Because I don’t even myself know what they are… Orbs is kind of bad name because they aren’t orbs… Any ideas for the name and maybe something to add my scenery?
I always ask what to do next with my pic even when it is in finished projects. So don’t mind