orc head(update)

good day sirs. i would like to present my work in progress.cheers
softwares used: Blender,zbrush,afterEffects, photoshop.


Looks great! Somehow I am more inclined to say that its a goblin, rather than an orc, but the difference is quite minor

Great character, love his teeth

Looks good…character marks like Marylin Manson…THX for description of used software…

Good start aasm71jr! Is this going to be a full character project like trapjaw?

@GRoss: thank you sir.yes he does look like a goblin.
@SerialSiner: thank you sir.making the teeth and gums was enjoyable.it really pushed the character.
@HANGAR: now that you mentioned it,he does look like Marylin Manson.
@chrisskinner78. thank u sir. yes, he is going to a full character.m thinking of putting hair on him too.i just dont know if i can pull it off.ive seen your reel sir.its very good.ive always wanted to do graphic motions

Woah, you are a crazily skilled artist, just looked at your wordpress blog. I love that cartoony boxer character, curious to see that short you are working on!

@Loolarge: im not good really but thank you. i went to your blog and man i am impressed by your scripting skills.i especially like the Blend vertices.

a little update on the skinny orc.


this hair business is making me crazy. a little update though.this does not work at all.:no:


i will consider this done for now.thank you for viewing


i forgot the eyes


looks awesome!!! keep it up