orc head


Rendered with with the new cvs build, using ambient occlusion.
As you can see there is no osa because it has a bug when i enable it.

Pretty cool. Could be roughened up more to make it more “orc-ish”. The hair is kind of unusual. I’d either make it thinner or leave it out altogether. It’s kind of distracting. Sweet modeling though.

Not Quite Entertainment

“Not Quite Noncomplementary”

The hair looks like he has needles sticking out of his skin at odd angles. :wink:

no, not needles; he just had a horrible time in the thorn bushes :smiley:

you should make the skin a little less bright…it looks ogre-ish

i like the eyes and the teeth

make the nosering smaller…it is way too big

i never wanted to make him the bad guy