Orchidaceae - Sketchbook

Welcome to my scrapbook.
In my first entry I’ll post some attempts at lowpoly art. At most 32 triangles in each whole scene and no textures whatsoever.

I used 2 mirrors to repeat the same thing forever. Failed to find nice colors. Yuck.

The spherical shape is somehow caused by smooth normals on a transparent refractive tetrahedron.

I tried to make some eyes with procedural textures. Not exactly what I wanted but I’m happy with it anyway.

The viewer gets to decide whether this is a stone, a cookie or something else.


Trying out the sculpt tool and SSS

The last one doesn’t look too bad for someone who has little experience in that type of thing.

The key to mastering organic topology is to practice at it and learn the techniques that can be used to improve on it and redirect loops in a non-destructive way (in terms of keeping things like UV information).

I followed this tutorial and made pebbles -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPyATa-P2Co
Originally I wanted to put a tree or a mushroom growing in the middle of them but ran out of steam halfway through as usual

Good work on the pebbles, they look like some sort of candy.

why not