Ordered Softimage XSI Experiance CD

(rndrdbrian) #1

"Thank you for signing up for a SOFTIMAGE®|XSI™ Experience CD set.

The CD will be shipped within 4 to 6 weeks."

Waaaa! I’ll be OLD by then!


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(sten) #2

well…I ordered them I think 27:th of february…and still not got it…

(slikdigit) #3

can’t remember when I sent out for mine.
not too exited about this though (save disabled *&#@!)

(kerosene) #4

i have ordered it, too… well, don’t remember the date…

buuut… save disabled?!? THAT’s new to me… argh!

(Briggs) #5

>can’t remember when I sent out for mine.
>not too exited about this though (save >disabled *&#@!)

Thats not really only an inconvience. You do get a fully functional copy and training manuals. Which is really the point of the whole thing, so you can put that you know softimage on your resume (and do your demo reel in something like blender…)



(thatbrikwal) #6

its not save disabled i thought, thats why it talks about using the same format as softimage xsi non-experience version

(iluvblender) #7

Hey Guys,

Here is one more guy who is waiting for the
softimage XSI CD.


(Goofster) #8


(Pablosbrain) #9

yeah… I ordered mine that day they announced it… still waiting…

(Briggs) #10

>ts not save disabled i thought, thats why it >talks about using the same format >as softimage xsi non-experience version

Read more carefully next time. It can OPEN regular XSI files, but save is disabled AFAIK.

(mrmunkily) #11

Just leave your computer on :slight_smile:

(K-Rich) #12

I’m waiting for this as well :confused: been 4 weeks :confused:

(DAK) #13

I also ordered the day I saw it. I was told soon later that it would ONLY be sent to people who either own or are working in a position in a high end 3D company :frowning:

(mrmunkily) #14

You mean i trusted them with personal info (address and such) and they aint gonna deliver. that is freaking evil.

(dotblend) #15


(rndrdbrian) #16

Well, thats a pile of pants :frowning:


(bmax) #17

Pants? Full of what? SHIT?

Anyway, I think I’m the only one that didn’t fall for that fast one Softimage is trying to pull on us… I bet they’re gonna sell all that private information people gave to someone like doubleclick.net. You better watch out!


(LethalSideP) #18

I just got a letter from AVID ie the makers of XSI. It said 'thank you for you interest in Softimage. We’ve included the information you requested “(???) " and one of our resellers will contact you shortly.” They then inculded a sheet of paper which, as far as I could tell, was just a printout of the XSI features on their website.

What the hell?? I asked for the CD, not a bloody website printout!!! If this is the way companies like A|W and Avid define learning software, then they can count me out coz getting hold of it is an absolute nightmare.

Has anyone actually got their XSI CD yet?