Organic Bike

(Goofster) #1

well, I’m tired of working on this. I gave it some nice colors and call it done :slight_smile:

(Nayman) #2

very cool

can i have onbe?

(Nimrad) #3

Nice bike, love the wheels. Just curious, how and where would someone seat to ride/drive it. Perhaps give it some sort of a seat and some steering thingee. Also, it’s puzzling how it will move from point A to point B with no engines or peddles. :smiley:

Overal nice colour and design. :o

(@ce) #4

Goofster forgot to mention, that this bike is only for the highly evolved human being, thus it’s drives with the mind. Having a seat while thinking is less energy consuming, so he’s found this design to be a complete new way of transportation. Btw Goofster, I thought you allready patented that thing…I heared it was in production…hwne is one made available for me??? :smiley:

(LohnS) #5

thats great, how much are you going to be selling those things on the market for. I’ll pay you with one free copy of LightWave :wink:

(Avatar) #6

lijkt me moeilijk om op te fietsen :smiley:
ziet er toch leuk uit.


(Stungun) #7

Don’t you see it? The guy driving this thing sits on the black leather part in the middle and steers with that little joystick that Goofster has attached there.

I like it Goof! Maybe pump up the tires to give it a somewhat more ‘tough’ and ‘futuristic’ image, right now the wheels look a bit outdated compared to the rest of the bike, see? Try out some kind of Monster Truck wheels on this baby. Well… the small version of those, of course. :slight_smile:

And you know… We probably all want to see it in action now :smiley:
show us!

  • Stungun

(digitalSlav) #8

looks good but those wheels gotta go! looked better before. i would also ditch the screen as well but then again in a futuristic movie you could make it work. don’t tell me they haven’t found a new way to track people other than little yellow license plates? damn futurists :stuck_out_tongue: