Organic Futuristic Bike thingy

(Goofster) #1

it’s been a while since I posted something here.

Today I started blending a bit and something good rolled out (finally).
I love Subsurfs :slight_smile:

Also I found out that setting all the lamp settings to their maximum helps GI a LOT!

And an experiment with Fake GI with spots and a noise texture assigned to the lamps! (WOAH! thats cool)


(K-Rich) #2


Looks cool, which Fake GI method are you using?

(kaktuswasse) #3

wuuhuuuuuu!!! That’s so amazing…WOW!

(wewa_juicyb) #4

I still can’t believe that Goofster can actually model stuff that looks this cool… :o :o :o
Good work man, I don’t really like the snow-lamps though…

(BgDM) #5

Hey Goofster, I already told you that looked pretty cool on BlenderChat. However, I do notice that there is no axle on the front wheel. The body/frame integrates with the front wheel. Does the wheel actually rotate around the frame? If so, how does it stay inposition without faling off? (Sorry, I’m a mechanical engineer and I need to know these things :smiley: ).


(Goofster) #6

BgDM: you’re absolutely right. the wheel rotates around the frame. if you look closely you can see two “hotshoes” (or something like that) they are powerfull magnets that push the wheel away from the frame as well as rotate it. I’m not sure if this will be the final method though. i’m open to suggestions


(YAYA) #7

In respond for Bgdm, this system was imagined by Sbarro, I think, and in fact, if I can trust my memories, its a bearball system (but I’m not a technical designer) 8)

(theeth) #8

I really like the design, very sleek. Good job on that one Goofy!

well, if you have corresponding magnets on the wheel frame, you just go youself an (albeit simple) electric motor.


(Pooba) #9

I like the name :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! Why can’t I ever model something that looks cool?

I don’t really like the look of the last picture, it’s kinda grainy. But the others look fine!