Organic material - with Embryo

My new baby.
High res: Red.
High res: Blue.

The new and improved render.

The origional render.

A different model with almost the same material.

A possible embryo for inside the blob.

The material settings.

Yuk! Just perfect!

Would you share how you made this?

Sure! Here is a screen of everything you’l need to know. It is lit with a simple lamp (no diffuse) and a white hemi lamp.
I’ve made another render, (in the first post) I find this one much more interesting… Kinda like an imploded heart :P.
C&C is much appreciated!

Great! Thank you for sharing!
I like better the first render you did (second one in the post). Colors look more natural to me.

Cool! Especialy the second render looks very realistic!
Thanks for sharing!


did you model this with metaballs? very nice and I think it would look great as a fluid too… at some point would you be able to help with this node text I’ve been working on…? I’ll post it when I’m completely convinced I can’t get it right myself


oh the nice bulgy part is displacement mapping. how insane would that look if you animated the offset? great sci-fi potential.

Yea, sure, I’l help if I can. But do notify me (PM or so) for I miss a lot of threats.

Animating it…well, I’l think about it :D.

I am thinking about creating a creature inside the first render. Like an embryo. I’l show it if it works out nice. In the meantime, here is another render. Hope you like it. C&C most appreciated.
The keys in these images are: using VCol Light to simulate SSS, using a ramp shader and creating DOF.

You sure know how to take a technique and run with it. Some amazing renders there. Curious to see where you take it next.

This info is going into my Blender folder for sure. Thanks!

Hey R, those are some great looking materials, especially the second one. Normally I would’ve missed something like this (because ‘just’ a material doesn’t do it for me), but that 2nd one is also pretty strong with composition and convincing looking DoF.


Thanks Sago, glad you like it.
Thank you Larry, glad the material settings are a help to you. Here’s what I’ve done “next” with it. :slight_smile: Personally I find this one best. I’ve added reflections (slightly), made it a bit more red, gave it a slight blue to it and improved the focus.
Click the image for a high-res version.

Wow impressive. Pity that i don’t understand nodes yet as well as i’ve never heard of vcol light…But its great, especialy the one with blood.

Wow, simply awesome renders Roger. And thanks for sharing your settings!

Very Cool!

Are you painting the verts for the SSS effect by hand or using a script?

As long as you have some light everywhere in the scene you can at least fake SSS with nodes. Usually this could mean mixing a regular material with an emit material putting them through colorbands and color or vector curves before actually getting to the mix node.

Using the normal node would aid in this as well.

Can you explain how you went about setting up the nodes?

while the image you included makes some sense…how did you get the texture to displace…

sorry… my poor mind needs a tad more explaination :slight_smile:


They’re handpainted. You guess can use the MakeHuman SSS script too, but I couldn’t find a working one.

Could you explain this a bit more detailed or show us a node window? I can’t menage to get any result in your method.

First render the image with the “Do Composite” button enabled. Than go to the node window, click the tiny "Composite Nodes"button in the header of the Node-Window, "press “Use Nodes” next to it and you’l see the window’s like in my screenshot. Try adding the correct ones with space and linking them with dragging from the dots. That’s about it!

Thanks for the reply’s guys :), I’m glad you like it. By the way, I’ve made this embryo. What do you guys think is the best way to see it inside of the, em, blob?

I’ve made a new one (I think he’s better). A blue (more alien-ish) and a red one. Wich one do you guys find best? (Their in the first post.)

Wow, incredible! o_O

Beautifully done. Excellent shader work.

Though, that was very reproducable using Normal coordinates without ramps a while ago. But the ramp shader does make it that much better.

Thanks for sharing the settings.


Really really good work. WOW. Five stars.

The SSS-look is very nice and convincing. Could you explain it? Did you just vertex paint some areas to be emissive? Or how…?