organic modelling - where to start


i want to make my first completely self made organic model. i have a ‘character’ in mind but i have no idea where to start. :frowning: can anyone maybe give me some tips.




I can!

Read the topmost post in this forum, there is a somewhat vast list of tutorials, some of them are for Character modelling (For example today I just added Blender Lab section, with those stuff you want :slight_smile:


first things first.get good reference pics…this is the key for good organic(as well as others) modelling.if the figure you are trying to model is some kind of abstract then paint it by yourself and put it as is always good to start with surface spheres,tubes etc. for organic modelling.

hmmmm, ok thanks 8)

I sugest if you know how to use blender go to,24331,3388290,00.html

also check out the links at the end

… and some shortcuts you may find useful:
Control+F : when two adjaces triangles are selcted it will flip their common edge to the verticies that do not share that edge… Try making the default plane triangles with Control+T and using it on all of the (4) verticies

Alt+J Make quads, not always predictable, I find it easier to do one at a time

if your character has a skeleton, start by drawing it. Please do not model the outside first. It will turn crappy. learn anatomy…