Organic Molecules found on other words

Check THIS out

forget the misspelling…its meant to be worlds lol. But even that’s not accurate…it was meant to catch attention. We’ve found methane outside of our small solar system. YAY! right? well sorta, but not that excited…at least for me, unless they also found some alien blood there as well lol

We’ve also found organic molecules on titan and around a star:

Yeah, but that’s in our own solar system, which wouldn’t surprise me. Those molecules, however, aren’t found in our atmosphere…an atmosphere consisting of a high amount of methane (greenhouse effect anyone?). With this, we’re actually finding shit that we breath in everyday…in another solar system. Thats sorta like me saynig my remote to my tv was found yesterday on one of Saturns moons. It’s extraordinary. Who’s to say the next thing found isn’t something we need to survive, that right there would scream OUR LIFE CAN EXIST ELSEWHERE, SO WHERE ARE THE OTHER LIFE FORMS? With that sort of thing being found in another solar system, tens of thousands would start scrambling to either disporve or prove that there is life elsewhere. That’s not counting the tens of thousands who do this from day to day already.

NOTE-I doubt that if there were actual alliens they’d need anything close to what we need to survive. Shit they may feed on time itself, there are literally countless possibilities for what they could look like/eat/breath when no one can prove, without a doubt, that an alien race has even so much as flown by our planet…but thats a debate for another thread.

Organic molecules don’t have to do with life, only with… organic molecules. Didn’t you study organic chemistry on high school?

Heres where we get into the smart ass replies from either ppl that may know some shit but would rather argue semantics or, in your case, people that think they know what they’re talking about because they read a book once. Let em role. OH yeah…you’ve been officially sig’d. Thanks the old one was getting…old.

Point me to one sentance where I said organic molecules had anything to do with life. Matter of fact I remember explicitly saying:

Which is the only time I mention anything about life at all. Didn’t you take reading comprehension in high school? But guess what? Even though I didn’t bring up the roles organic molecules play in regards to life (you did that…remember?), you are wrong (and ironically so) with your idea that “they dont have to do with life…only with organic molecules”. Maybe you were thinking inorganic? Lets reword that quote for you to show you where your messed up.

Do you see the error? I’m not going to point it out for you if you haven’t seen it

But since you wanted to be a smart ass…heres something for you:

As taken from the Biology Online Dictionary
organic molecule
(Science: chemistry) A molecule with a basic skeleton made up of a skeleton of carbon atoms plus hydrogen and oxygen atoms and, in proteins, nitrogen.

Also its important to note:
Organic molecules-substances containing carbon-hydrogen bonds, are found in living things.

The LINK for that info, and another, seeing as most people that swear they know something that you don’t always want a link to your ref’s. Hope those were good for you, cause I’m not wasting any more of my time looking up shit I already know. Seems to me organic molecules have a little more to do with life than you think. Go re-take that organic chem class, it seems you may have slept thru most of it and as such it may do you some good…and thats giving you the benefit of the doubt

I love smart asses they’re funny most of the time. But most of them are full of shit, and none produce a pleasant smell once they start to open their mouths. To each his own I guess…me, I like the ones that wiggle, like when a hot girl walks by. So here’s to hoping that only those asses post here. ROFL…like that would ever happen.

I just want to know one thing…maybe you can help me. Why is it people try to correct or teach when they’re opinion wasn’t asked for, and they really don’t understand what it is they’re trying to correct/teach? Don’t take this personally, though I think you will, it wasn’t really directed to you…more directed to ppl like you because you’re not the first here that has tried to correct what they obviously didn’t fully understand.

@Falk, you must not have gotten the memo. In a HouseArrest thread, you’re not allowed to disagree or call into question any of HouseArrest’s assumptions or opinions or ideas about anything, even by implication. In fact, if HouseArrest posts his opinions, assumptions or ideas in anyone’s thread, once he’s said so, that’s the last word on the subject.

sorry for the interruption, House, just trying to set this guy straight. Back to you…

Take it easy!
I didn’t mean to act like a smart ass, neither said I hold the truth. I just wanted to say that organic doesn’t always means life!

“I just want to know one thing…maybe you can help me. Why is it people try to correct or teach when they’re opinion wasn’t asked for, and they really don’t understand what it is they’re trying to correct/teach? Don’t take this personally, though I think you will, it wasn’t really directed to you…more directed to ppl like you because you’re not the first that has tried to correct what they obviously don’t fully understand.”

I obviously don’t understand how terrible my answer was to justify this answer.
You say A, I say B.
You think you are right and I am wrong. Ok. You should explain why I am wrong. Some people on this community have problems with this concept.

Sorry that I exist,

I got it now, When he said he does not understand why people post things when nobody asked them to do. I’m really a disgrace for this board, thanks for showing me the right ways :o

Sorry for the double post

Please, somebody just compare someone to Nazis and be done with this thread.

I may die happy! I was (wrongly) quoted on a signature! AEHHHHHH :slight_smile:

Please, correct the quote. I didn’t said they had NOTHING to do, only they didn’t have to do.

Oh, and quoting a misunderstood from someone whose first language is not English is so mature!

A -> B
A implicates B
if I have A, I have B
but saying that, if I have B I have A, is false.
That is what I was trying to say

Please, somebody just compare someone to Nazis and be done with this thread.

Just say “Godwin’s Law” and we’ll all fall into a pit.

Organic molecules are different from say, amino acids, proteins, and DNA.

The different planets will have at least one type of molecule on them. No one has found life on other planets so far.

EDITED:I repeated the last post by mistake, sorry guys.

Thanks for the help boss, but really, I don’t think I need it. And I love when people give their opinions/view. Just don’t bash another’s opinion/view because you think your’s is closer to the truth when you’re to busy arguing semantics to realize that what both parties are saying is actually correct. You’re right, in these situations I accept my word as final because you haven’t proven me wrong…which is exactly what you tried to do. I require that, if you’re going to disagree or call into question any of my assumptions or opinions or ideas about anything, even by implication, that you know what the hell the argument is really about. I’ll spell it out for you:
Case in point, is our little “tiff” from earlier. The whole thing started when I said:

First off never did I say anything about which wording I was using. But you all jumped up and screamed YOU;RE WRONG! And you only knew half of what you were arguing about. For a hint the first time I used the word thoery, well that is your scientific thoery (you know…the one that made you all assume you were 100% right), the other isn’t. See how it makes more sense when you stop arguing semantics? You guys wanted to argue semantics…so I let you. It did take me a minute to realize why it was you thought I was wrong though. So I informed you guys of the issue, but that wasn’t good enough…and you continued to dig yourselves deeper and deeper with vague examples and quotes taken out of context. You never even saw the shovel in your hands. You 3 were to busy arguing points (such as semantics and whatever other foolishness you brought to the table) in an argument, that you didn’t even fully comprehend…but I’m the dumb one?

You say you still dont see it how this could be right? Google “the happiest thought of my life” and read it in one of Einsteins papers yourself. Matter of fact…here are his words.
The gravitational field has only a relative existence… Because for an observer freely falling from the roof of a house - at least in his immediate surroundings - there exists no gravitational field.
Guess you can argue with him all you want on how, in his thoery, any effect that gravity has isn’t a thoery. But I guess I can see how you’re right. I just never stopped to think that just becuase you theorize about the effect something has on an object in the absence of that something, it’s not really a theory. Well…inform me ROFL, what is it then?

Well you should have said that then. Read the quote. What you said is "Organic molecules don’t have to do with life, only with… organic molecules. " Which is a bit different than what you were trying to say.

No, that would be an issue with semantics, you know…issues that arise when one word has multiple meanings? Not an issue with you leaving a couple of words out of a sentance changing its meaning entirely. As far as explaining how your statement of : organic molecules don’t have to do with life, only with organic molecules" could possibly be wrong. I think I’ve done that. The only thing that has changed between this post and the last one I made is that I’ve come to the conclusion that english may not be your first language. In which case…I apologize.

But again, that post wasn’t directed to you. It was directed to ppl like Orinoco up there. You just happened to catch me in the low end of my manic depression, and got everything that I tried to hold back from saying to them. To me you were just another bead in a string of retards who thought they knew it all, but didn’t even know what they were really talking about.

ROFL just read your latest post here (the one above this one). I take back my apology. I guess I’m to just automatically know english isn’t your second language, especially from one post that isn’t only grammatically correct, but also has correct syntax. Now you can fuck off for getting me to apologize for my earlier words…hows that for maturity? If you want any of that translated…hit the dictionary.

Oh and before you take any more offense to what I’ve said here you may want to look up a bit about manic depression. I’m at one end of the “pole” currently (bi polar(2 poles)=manic depression). At the extreme ends to this pole, regardless of if its the “get out of my face or I’ll slit your/my throat” side (the one im in now) or the “I’m super happy, now lets go jump off a building/spend all my money” side, they have no control over what comes out their mouth, what they’ve done, or those they’ve hurt. Actually that’s the medical excuse for bi-polar people. Mine is, there is nothing wrong…I just dont give a shit about my feelings so why should I care about yours? My wife loves when I say that. Matter fact, dont read up on it…just keep taking offense, it livens up my day.

Apologies taken
My English is “good enough” to get going:) .
But sometimes I write thing that, in Portuguese, given the context, I think people would understand what I wanted to say. But there are more than just grammar or vocabulary when you have to write on a foreign language

And for the people who read two replies with almost the same content, its because when I pressed the reply button, the browser crashed, when I reopened I recovered the session and my answer wasn’t there, so I re-wrote it.

But I still think you over reacted:D

I’ll make that simple for you.

You can start behaving like you care (whether you actually do or not I don’t give a damn) and act like someone fit to live in society or you can continue not caring elsewhere.


GUYS! seriously, can we just concentrate on the important thing for once??

somebody farted in space. :slight_smile:

maybe I’m mistaken, but didn’t they find shapes in a meteor that closely resembled fossilized bacteria a while back? that’s repeated from a vague memory of some magazine years ago, so don’t take my word as the law, but…

on second thought, I don’t really know where I was going with that anyways, but w/e

[edit] here’s a random link that backs up what I said, but it looks like it’s pretty heavily debated both ways, and nobody can really prove anything. I think.

it would be neat to see life on other planets

Finally, the voice of reason :D:D:D

Captain Oblivion, you’re not mistaken. It was believed to be a chunk of Mars knocked off in a meteor strike, that slowly wended it’s way to Earth and wound up frozen in an Antarctic glacier.