I was wondering if some animators could give me some tips on how to keep objects in the world organized.

For example:
For different scenes with the same characters would you have the different scenes on different layers or in different projects?

Where do you usually put items when you’re not using them? Or if you’re not using them just for one scene?


Your use of the word ‘scene’ could be confusing, because Blender, over and above Layers, also has the capability of using different Scenes; Top-Right corner “SCE:1” or whatever (you can name them by leftclicking in the field and typing the new name). You can make links between scenes too, and you can render 2 scenes at the same time.

However, I think you mean “Different backgrounds with the same character”, and Layers is sufficient for that.


Wow, I hadn’t seen the section on scenes yet. Thank you, they should help quite a bit.